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Welcome to K-Fab Plastics

Rotational Moulding Specialists Since 1993

Why Choose K-Fab Plastics?

K-FAB Plastics is a Rotational Moulding company in South Africa specialising in custom moulding. With our expertise in the various industries we can give you the right advice and assist with the design of all your rotational moulding requirements. Come to us with your design or idea and we will give you the best possible product.

We custom mould products for the following markets

Chemical &

Chemical Tanks, Step-Down Tanks, Bund Tanks & Mopping Buckets


Koi Pond Filters, Reptile Display Cages & Dog Kennels


Flower Pots, Small Ponds & Garden Chess Sets

Mining &

Grout Tanks, Overflow Pipes & Diesel Tanks


First-Aid Boxes & Spine Boards


Boat Seats, Fuel Tanks & Jetty Floats


Wheel Chocks, Light Boxes & Diesel Tanks

Water Treatment

Brine Tanks, Step-Down Tanks & Bund Tanks

Why Choose Rotational Moulding?

Rotational Moulding, also known as Rotomoulding is incredibly versatile, able to produce a wide range of products of various shapes and sizes in a cost effective manner.

This process is unique amongst plastics moulding processes because the heating, shaping and cooling of the plastic all take place inside a hollow

Improvements in process control and developments of plastic powders over the past two decades have resulted in a significant increase in the usage of the rotational moulding process.

Moulds for rotational moulding are also less expensive as there are no internal cores and the moulds don’t have to withstand any high pressure. Rotational moulding has inherent design strengths, such as consistent wall thickness and corners that are virtually stress-free.

Inserts, threads, handles, surface detail and reinforcing ribs can all be part of the design. In many cases rotational moulding is the only process to produce a product.

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Come to us with your design or idea and we will give you the best possible product.

Member of the Association of Rotational Moulders of South Africa.

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